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Gleason's Gymnastic School

Track your child's progress with Gleason's
new online skill tracking in the Parent Portal!


Gleason's instructors routinely track their student’s skill acquisition about every eight weeks. They make those results available on a Skill Card for students and parents to see. That process is now done in our class management software. 

The report for each student will be available to review in the PARENT PORTAL.


Once a student has completed mobility requirements, their instructor will give you a notice that they're eligible to move to the next level. The instructor will also notify the office and that information will be put in their records.


We have a continuous mobility policy which means we will allow mobility anytime a student has met the mobility requirements. They don’t need to wait for the end of a month or session. At Gleason’s, we strongly believe in the importance of placing our students in successful circumstances. For that reason, we believe certain skill requirements must be met before mobility is allowed. We never want to promote a student to a failure situation.


Once a student has met the mobility requirements, we want you to know what your options are. For several reasons, such as lack of class openings, your personal schedule, other siblings or friends coming at the same time, changing to a different class on a different day/time may not be a practical option. In that case, we want you to know that you do not need to immediately change class at the time you achieve mobility. The student can remain in their same class until it is practical to make the change. We want you to be assured that, in that case, the present instructor will begin to teach your child at their new level. They will be challenged with the new skills for the next level, and your child will be able to move to a new class when it is convenient.


Please talk to your instructor or an office personnel if you have any further questions regarding our mobility policies or skill tracking. Our goal is to make any transition in our program as smooth as possible!

Strengthening Children in Mind and Body Through Successful Gymnastic Experiences


Log into your account on

Click on "My Account"

Click on "Evaluations" under child's name

Click on the "Class Department" 

Click on the "Class Level"

Click on the "Event"

Students will be "graded" using a Star System

1 Star = Attempted

Student has been introduced to the skill at least once

2 Stars = Learning

Student is in the process of learning and improving 

3 Stars = Mastered

Student has fully learned that skill

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