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Interested in girls' competitive gymnastics?
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Want to know the difference between the
Girls' Junior Olympic and Xcel programs? CLICK HERE


The goal of the Junior Olympic (JO) program is to challenge kids through designed, structured progressions to try and get kids to the highest possible levels of gymnastics. The JO program is a higher level of competition and commitment with stricter requirements, as it prepares them for collegiate gymnastics.

Gleason's aims to help each gymnast reach her goals through hard work and the pursuit of excellence and to use her gymnastics experiences in preparation for life after the sport.



Petite Elites is an introduction into girls' competitive gymnastics, ages 4-5. Gymnasts will be introduced to correct body shaping as well as introductory gymnastic skills and vocabulary. There are no prerequisites for Petite Elites - just a passion for gymnastics and a desire to one day compete in Gleason's Compulsory and Optional Programs. 



Training Team is designed for young athletes with an uncommon drive to succeed in the sport of gymnastics. Precompetitive levels teach strength, flexibility, determination and the skills required to move into competitive gymnastics. These are gateway levels to competitive gymnastics. During Training Team, your gymnast will acquire the skills and mindset to flourish as a Level 3 gymnast.



All gymnasts across the state perform the same routines on each event (routines differ based on compulsory level. Age 6 is the minimum age requirement to compete in USA Gymnastics Level 3.

OPTIONALS  Levels 6-10

All gymnasts across the state are subjected to meeting the same set of requirements within the routine. The construction/choreography of each routine on any event is up to the discretion of the coach, so long as all skill/difficulty requirements are met.

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