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If flying through the air, flipping on the ground or jumping on trampoline is your child's favorite part of class, then this could be the team for you. Our Competitive Trampoline & Tumbling Team is known as the Gypsy Flyers. The Gypsy Flyers Team is known both at the National and International Levels and has been coaching and training athletes of all ages from Level 1 all the way to the International Elite Level. 

Interested in competitive gymnastics? Fill out the INTERESTED IN TEAM form and submit it to the office.


Athletes at this level work on basic skills and routine composition for levels 1-5 on all three events. This is the first opportunity for athletes to attend competitions. In addition to basic drops and skill the athletes will be introduced to the basic starts of flipping somersaults and handsprings on floor.



Athletes at this level will improve their basic skills and routine composition for levels 5-8 on all three events. Athletes will start to learn how to twist their basic somersaults. Athletes on Intermediate team will be encouraged to travel with the team across the US for competitions.


ADVANCED TEAM   Levels 8-9

Athletes at this level will train Level 8 and 9 which will consist of two or more routines on all three events. At this level they will start multiple twisting single somersaults and also start working on double somersaults. These athletes may attend travel meets, Regional Championships and qualify for National Championships.


ELITE TEAM   Level 10 and Elite

Our Elite Team consists of athletes at the Level 10 Level and or Training elite.  In this level they will start training multiple twisting double somersaults and work on triple-somersaults. At this level the athletes train five days per week and have mastered very difficult routines that will allow them many opportunities to compete internationally.

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