Registering for Classes

  • Click on the REGISTRATION tab on the top menu
  • LOGIN or create a new account by clicking on FIRST TIME USER
  • Choose Summer Class Schedule or School Year Schedule under appropriate gym location
  • Click ENROLL on the class(es)
  • Preschool classes go by age
  • Recreational classes go by age and skill level
  • You can enroll anytime throughout the year
  • Must pass Beginning A / Beginning 1 or be evaluated by Gleason's staff to enroll beyond introductory level
  • Age is determinded as of June 1st
  • Runs as a nine-week session
  • Age is determined as of September 1st
  • Billed on a month to month basis
  • When you enroll in the School Year Session, you are enrolling until May 27, 2021
  • This is your spot until May 27th or until you tell us you choose to drop a class (a two week notice is required to drop a class)

Missed a Class

  • While we do not guarantee make ups, we try our best to offer make up classes
  • Scheduling for make ups during the school year session start October 1
  • As long as you are still enrolled in class, you can make up missed classes anytime throughout the current session
  • Make ups cannot be carried over to the next session
  • Make ups are only scheduled in classes that are not full
  • Call or stop by the office to schedule your make up class
  • No make ups allowed during break time from classes (ie. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holiday Break, 4th of July)

What to Wear to Class

  • Girls- leotards are preferred; gym shorts and t-shirts are acceptable
  • Boys- pull on shorts and shirts tucked in
  • All students hair needs to be pulled neatly and securely away from the face
  • Gymnastics class are done in bare feet
  • Socks are required for recreational classes to use on white trampoline beds
  • Free Running/Parkour Class requires athletic shoes
  • For Safety Reasons No jewelry, dangling earrings, bracelets, watches, and NO chewing gum
  • Not allowed - clothes with strings, zippers, buttons, jeans, belt loops or loose clothing

How to Drop a Class

  • A two-week notice is required to drop a class
  • Stop by or call the office to drop your class
  • Request to drop a class on the parent portal
  • If notification is not submitted to the office (you simply stop coming) your account will continued to be billed monthly. You will be resposible for paying any accrued tuition.

Choosing the Correct Class

  • School Year Session: Age is determined as of September 1st
  • Summer Session: Age is determinded as of June 1st
  • Preschool classes go by age
  • Recreational classes go by age and skill level
  • Must pass Beginning A / Beginning 1 or be evaluated by Gleason's staff to enroll beyond introductory level - Gleason's has the right to move any child back to appropriate level
  • Read our placement policies

Watching Your Child in Class

PLEASE NOTE THE CURRENT COVID POLICIES REGARDING WATCHING YOUR CHILD IN CLASS Many schools do not allow parents to observe. WE DO. We are very proud of our program and we want you to understand what we are doing. However, for the sake of your child and the class there are some guidelines that we ask you to follow. Do not make comparisons between your child and other children. We make allowances for each child to learn at their own rate. There must be NO interaction between parents and child during the class period. Your child must be able to be in class as if the parent were not present at all. If this is not possible, the child will not benefit fully from the class and it would be better if the parent were not present. Parents are not allowed on the floor, in doorways, watching from the bathrooms, etc. without previous permission from Gleason's staff.

Moving Up to the Next Level

Preschoolers will stay in their same class for the entire school year session - age determined as of September 1st for the school year session. Recreational students may move up anytime during the session upon instructors approval. Students will receive a notice indicating they have passed a level. Call the office to transfer your child to the next level.


Birthday Parties

  • $195 for 9 children (incl. birthday child)
  • $25 deposit required to hold your day/time
  • Balance is due at the end of party
  • A signed waiver will be required to participate
  • Call or stop by the office to reserve your date

Parents Night Out

  • Call or stop by the office to register
  • Payment due at time of registration
  • Need current waiver

Open Gyms


Family & Multi-Class Discount

  • 10% discount for the 2nd student
  • 20% discount for the 3rd student
  • 25% discount for additional class(es) in the same week for the same child ( excluding high school classes)

Monthly Tuition Fee

  • Tuiton is for a calendar month and is the same amount regardless of how many weeks in that month.
  • Tuition is due by the 1st of every month.
  • Autopay comes out around the 25th of preceeding month.
  • Late fee of $10 will be applied to your account if you have not paid in full by the 5th.

Annual Registration Fee

  • All families will be charged a $35 Annual Registration Fee every School Year Session
  • This yearly registration fee is due Septemer 1st and is good through August

Payments / Auto Pay

  • Payments can be made in person, over the phone, by mail, submitted online or by Auto Pay.
  • We accept cash, checks, debit cards, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit cards.
  • Statements will be sent by email or mailed to your home.
  • Auto Pay accounts will receive a monthly statement as well.
  • Auto Pay can be set up online, over the phone or in person.
  • Auto Pay is taken out between the 25th and 27th of the preceeding month.


What Days are the Gyms Closed?

  • New Year's Eve and Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving (Thurs & Fri)
  • Christmas Eve and Day
  • Holiday break between Christmas and New Years (dates vary each year)

Gym Closures Due to Weather

Gym closures will be communicated through WCCO as well as our social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

Gym Closure Due to Covid

Any closures required due to local COVID safety regulations or needs will be announced on our website, our social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), and sent via email to all registered families.


Interested in Team

If you are interested in competitive gymnastics, please contact the office. We have a Interested in Team Form (also available in the lobby) for you to fill out. We then pass this information onto the apporpriate team coach(es). Team is by invitation only.

Difference Between Xcel and JO