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Gleason's Gymnastic School
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Gleason’s Gymnastic School has a long history. Owner Larry Gleason has over 55 years of experience as a gymnast, competitor, teacher, coach and judge. As captain of the University of Minnesota men’s gymnastics team, Gleason was an all-around champion and went on to become a national competitor in both gymnastics and trampoline.


Gleason’s Gymnastics has been providing the benefits of gymnastics training to girls and boys in a safe and positive learning atmosphere since 1966. It is the goal of Gleason’s to offer a gymnastic program that ensures the development of confidence and a positive self-image through successful experiences for every student. They teach body awareness and fitness skills basic to all sports and encourage a positive attitude toward active participation, health and physical fitness. Through teaching of body awareness and problem solving, Gleason’s strives to engage the mind as well as the body in the learning process.


Although Gleason’s Competitive Team Programs have produced many national and  international level competitors, Gleason’s Gymnastics is founded on the belief that gymnastics training has unique benefits for ALL children – not only the highly talented who may go on to become advanced competitors.  

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