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When Should Cloth Face Coverings Be Worn?

  1. Cloth face coverings should be worn by coaches, officials, spectators, and volunteers.

  2. All individuals should wear a cloth face covering when arriving to or departing from an athletic facility, because physical distancing is often difficult.

  3. All athletes should wear a cloth face mask when on the sidelines, and physical distancing should be followed.


In some cases, cloth face coverings may cause safety concerns, and adaptations or alternatives should be considered. The World Health Organization does not recommend use of a cloth face covering during vigorous exercise, and the CDC cautions that some people who are engaged in high-intensity activity may not be able to wear a cloth face covering.

  1. When non-vigorous exercise is being performed and physical distancing is not possible, a cloth face mask should be worn. 

  2. Cloth face coverings should not be worn in activities where they could pose an injury risk as a result of catching on equipment or accidently impairing vision during performance of sport (eg, gymnastics, cheer). 

  3. Special considerations may be appropriate when there is an increased risk of heat-related illness.


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