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Gleason's Gymnastic School

Have questions on what class to register your child(ren) for?

Careful class placement is extremely important to ensure success for each student and create classes that are as homogeneous as possible in regard to skill levels. To this end, it is important that everybody understands and follows our class placement policies.

  1. Except for beginning classes and our pre-school classes, all other programs have prerequisite skills. All new students to our school must arrange for skill testing (an evaluation) in order to qualify for any class other than our PRESCHOOL classes or our BEGINNING A/1 classes.

  2. Our preschool classes are age-based only. Children are placed in a class according to their school-age as of September 1st of that year (June 1st for Summer Session). They remain in that age grouping throughout the session, just as they would in the public school system. They do not change class levels when they have a birthday.

  3. Children entering our beginning school age children’s classes will be tested on their first day and placed in a beginning group that most closely matches their skill and experience level.

  4. Most important - no class placement is final until we have seen and evaluated your child

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