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Gleason's Gymnastic School

New to Gleason's? New to gymnastics?
Not sure what class to register your child for?


All of our recreational classes start at the beginning:

  • Girls Beginning A (ages 5-7)

  • Girls Beginning 1 (ages 8+)

  • Boys Beginning (ages 6+)

  • Beginning Tramp & Tumbling (6+)

  • Free-Running Kids (ages 7-10)

Recreational students must pass Beginning class or be evaluated by Gleason's staff to enroll beyond the introductory level. To set up an evaluation, call the office at 651-454-6203.


Preschool classes do not need evaluation as they go by the student's age as of September 1st during the School Year Session (June 1st Summer Session) and remain in the same class for the entire session regardless of when they have a birthday. 

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