Co-ed students ages 6 and up in this program utilize the Trampoline, the Rod Tumbling Floor, the Tumble Trak (long trampoline), the Double Mini-Tramp and the Foam Pit. Eligible students may try out for the Gypsy Flyers, our school's competitive trampoline and tumbling team. Over the past forty years, many of the Gypsy Flyers have traveled all over the world, competing as members of the USA Trampoline and Tumbling National Team. In the year 2000, Trampoline became an Olympic event.


Ages 6+, 55 minutes 1x week

Students learn the basics of Power Tumbling and Trampoline skills. Forward and Backward Rolls, Cartwheels, Basic Jumps and Locomotor Skills are taught on Tumbling. On Trampoline, correct bouncing and stopping, Seat Drops, Front Drops, Back Drops, Jumps in different positions, Half and Full Turns are taught.

Ages 6+, 55 minutes 1x week

Development of control and strength in the Handstand position, power and technique in the Cartwheel, development of flexibility needed for tumbling, and introduction of Back Handsprings are emphasized. On Trampoline, the basic drops are refined and put in combinations; Half and Full Twists are added to all the basic skill fundamentals and Front Somersaults are introduced. On Double-Mini, beginning Mounts and Dismounts as well as correct landing technique.


Ages 6+, 85 minutes 1x week

Students progress faster tumbling skills such as Round-Offs, Headsprings and Front Handsprings. Learning Back Handsprings is the focus at this level on Tumbling. Power building drills and Running Dive Rolls are also taught at this level. On Trampoline, Back Somersaults and Front Twisting Somersaults are introduced and basic skills are refined and put into developmental routines. Jump Shape combinations and control will be learned on Double-Mini.


Ages 6+, 85 minutes 1x week

Refinement of Back Handsprings and connecting them in developmental series is the focus of Tumbling at this level. On Trampoline, development of Somersaults is most emphasized. Swinging Flips, Jumps, and Body Skills in combinations will be emphasized, and Crash Dives will be introduced. Basic Aerial Skills across the Double-Mini will be taught.

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